mainImage5Thursday, December 1, 2016

Houston TX – Altiras Recovery, a wholly owned subsidiary of Altiras Holdings, announced today that it will build a new research and development laboratory in Houston, TX near the company’s headquarters.

According to Altiras President Todd Pencarinha, “The new lab will provide critical research and project development support for various company projects across North America.”  The new lab will be located in Houston’s energy corridor, near the company’s headquarters.  It will be equipped with all the necessary research tools and instrumentation and Altiras will also build a pilot distillation system capable of batch or continuous operation to support it’s solvent recovery projects in Puerto Rico and the continental US.  Altiras Research and Development Manager Mark Myers will head up the Lab and manage its operation.  Pencarinha added “this new lab is core to Altiras’ strategy to grow through new solvent recovery beneficial use projects.”

About Altiras:

Altiras is a beneficial use company in the chemical and fuels marketplaces, headquartered in Houston, Texas, that finds value in chemicals and fuels that might otherwise be disposed. Altiras provides innovative chemical and fuel solutions for customers throughout the world by providing quality-assured products to help our customers maintain product quality at significant savings to traditional prime product purchases. For more information, please visit:

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Todd Pencarinha, President
T: (713) 568-3651