Beneficial Reuse Capital Projects

shutterstock_534767593smallMany coproducts and byproducts have no legitimate use in the form in which they are produced.  In some cases, these products could be recovered or recycled and in other cases the only option is to convert the materials into some other useful product.  In these cases, much is needed to develop a business case, find the capital, and drive the project from concept to reality. Sometimes, the generator of the material has ample motivation to do the project themselves.  At other times, the project, markets, or execution are outside of the core competencies of the generator and will not get done within the organization itself. In these cases, Altiras Recovery may be able to help.

Altiras Recovery invests capital in certain beneficial reuse projects.  Some examples include solvent recycling, reclamation of byproduct chemicals and coproduct chemicals, offspec petroleum product processing and recovery, and building manufacturing operations to take advantage of various secondary chemicals.  Altiras personnel have engineering, business, and regulatory expertise, as well as the business development appetite to develop every aspect of beneficial reuse projects.  If you have a potential beneficial reuse project that you would like Altiras Recovery to consider, please contact Altiras at our Houston TX office or email us at