Chemical Recycling, Recovery & Manufacturing Services

Altiras Chemical is a beneficial reuse company dedicated to “as-is” reuse of industrial chemical coproducts, byproducts, and used materials.  However, sometimes these materials cannot be used as is.  The reasons vary, but sometimes materials cannot be used as is due to color, high moisture, certain physical properties, or due to “toxics along for the ride”.  For materials that cannot be used as they currently exist, Altiras Recovery may have the solution.  Altiras Recovery makes capital investments in projects to recover value from wastes, used solvents or co-products with high intrinsic value, but with limited existing market value. Some examples may include coproduct conversion to manufacture more usable products, chemical recycling, and solvent recovery.  Depending on the situation, Altiras Recovery may be willing to invest to recover value from these types of streams.  That investment can take the form of on-site chemical recycling or manufacturing of new products or off-site recycling or manufacturing.  Either way, Altiras has the engineering know-how, the regulatory expertise, and the market knowledge to provide optimal solutions to reduce waste and unlock the intrinsic value of these streams.

Altiras Recovery offers various recycling and recovery services as listed below.  These solutions can be provided on-site at your facility or off-site, depending on the specific needs of he project.  Please click on each specific link below to learn more about these recovery, recycling, and manufacturing options.

  • Product Recovery – solutions for recovery of contaminated or off-spec product
  • Solvent Recovery – recovery of solvent from paints or blends with direct return to customer
  • Solvent Recycling – recovery of solvent from paints, blends or chemical manufacturing processes with return of product to prime specifications
  • Chemical Recycling – recycling of various chemical products with return to prime or near prime specifications
  • Hazardous Waste Recycling – recycling of materials currently designated as hazardous wastes
  • Chemical Manufacturing – manufacture of chemical products from co-products and recycled materials

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