Chemical Recycling Solutions

Altiras Recovery provides on-site and dedicated off-site, turn-key chemical recycling solutions.  Altiras Recovery designs, builds, constructs, owns, and operates chemical recycling systems for various types of chemicals, including various solvents, reagents, catalysts, and specialty intermediates.  Altiras is not an equipment vendor, but an owner and operator who understands how to efficiently recovery such solvents.  Altiras can either recover the solvent and return it to the process (recovery) or recover the product such that it meets specifications similar to virgin products (recycling) and offer the product back to the original supplier or sell it to 3rd parties.  Chemical recycling may be accomplished via multiple operations, including distillation, extraction, phase separation, dehydration, blending, by a series of reactions, or other unit operations.

If you have a chemical stream that you believe could be a fit for Altiras Recovery’s chemical recycling services, please contact us at