Hazardous Waste Recycling Solutions

Altiras Recovery can provide many different hazardous waste recycling solutions to generators.  Technically speaking, when former hazardous wastes are beneficially used in the same form they are produced, the are considered to by “recycled” by EPA definition, thus Altiras Chemicals provides “as is” hazardous waste recycling services every time it develops a solution for a waste stream.  When hazardous wastes cannot be used “as is”, Altiras Recovery may be able to develop a recycling option involving distillation, phase separation, extraction, chemical reaction, or some other process or series of processes to recycle the material.  Altiras Recovery has the expertise in RCRA, state regulations, engineering, construction, and operations to create the optimal solution for a given hazardous waste stream whenever recycling is viable.

If you have a hazardous waste stream that you believe could be a fit for Altiras Recovery’s chemical recycling services, please contact us at info@altiras.com.