Chemical & Petroleum Product Recovery Solutions

Unfortunately, accidents happen every day that lead to product contamination. Sometimes the wrong product is purchased due to similar names or numbers, sometimes a spill occurs or a valve is left open when it should be closed, or a tank is over filled, or a dirty hose or piece of equipment is used.  All of these scenarios result in contaminated products.

If you have off-spec or accidentally contaminated chemicals or petroleum products, Altiras Recovery may be able to help.  Not all products are a fit for Altiras Recovery, but for those that are, Altiras employs product recovery experts who can quickly assess the viability of recovering a chemical or petroleum product.  Some projects may be recoverable on-site, but many require shipping to separate location for processing.  Besides having product recovery experts, Altiras also employs RCRA experts who can quickly make a determination of the proper RCRA pathway and treatment to avoid designation of a solid waste or hazardous waste, if such a pathway exists. Altiras can recover products for reuse or re-sale and can often offer purchase pricing for off-spec materials “as-is”.

The factors that determine whether a product is a fit for Altiras Recovery include: the economic value of the product to be recovered, the amount and type of contamination, the current storage location and method of storage, the amount of time available to move the product, and the alternatives that can be considered.

If you have a product that you believe could be a fit for Altiras  Recovery’s product recovery services, please contact us at