A Multimodal Solution for Off-Spec Gasoline


A Refinery accidentally allowed a high-gum contaminant to get into its finished gasoline and shipped the product to a distributor. The distributor then blended it with ethanol and delivered the product to multiple service stations. The gasoline caused major problems, resulting in the refinery quickly taking back all the contaminated product. Having limited tank space, they moved the off-spec gasoline into a slops tank containing diesel and other petroleum products, totaling over 4 million gallons. Subsequently, the product sat in the storage tank for years before Altiras was contacted. The only access to the slops tank was by pipeline. In summary, this project had the following challenges:

  • High gum gasoline with ethanol, diesel, and other products
  • Land-locked, pipeline only access
  • The product had to be distilled to separate the components.
  • Multi-modal transportation – pipeline, truck, barge, and rail
  • Finished product required to be exported.


Altiras assessed the situation, extensively analyzed the product, performed significant R&D on the material, and then developed a detailed logistical and processing solution. The original owner required that their name not be associated with the product and that any gasoline recovered must be exported from the United States. The final solution involved:

  • Leasing a second tank with truck access and that was also connected by pipeline to the slops tank.
  • Leasing a third tank with barge access and truck access.
  • Moving the product by pipeline, then by truck and then by barge (5 barges) from the Midwest to the gulf coast. – Processing the material in the gulf coast.
  • Moving the product out for export at the end.


Altiras was keen to understand the detailed needs of the refinery and complied with all requirements, moving the product out rapidly, completing the project over several months, and providing verification of the processing and export of the finished product. The owner was very pleased with the efficiency and management of the project.

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Key Benefits

Comprehensive Solutions

Altiras provides everything necessary to complete the job including engineering, equipment, procedures, personnel, and logistics.

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Altiras excels at problem solving with engineers and operations staff that know how to work with others.

Low/No Risk

Altiras offers to solve problems and bears the risk of any costs necessary to make the project happen.

Best Economics

This project was a public bid with Altiras being the high bidder.


Altiras solutions make maximum reuse of materials resulting in minimal disposal.

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