Altiras is a Buyer of Acetic Acid Coproducts and Byproducts

Altiras buys acetic acid byproducts.

As a buyer of acetic acid byproducts, Altiras allows more flexibility in strategic sourcing of acetic anhydride.

If your business uses acetic anhydride in a manufacturing process then it most likely produces acetic acid as a coproduct or byproduct. Many suppliers of acetic anhydride link the sale of the anhydride to buyback of the acid, making it difficult for manufacturers to get the best pricing or flexibility they need. Altiras Chemicals specializes in reuse and recycling of acetic acid (and many other products such as formic acid, propionic acid, isopropanol, methanol, other alcohols, solvents, inorganic acids, etc.). Reuse of these products can significantly aid companies in reaching sustainability goals and in reducing carbon footprint.

Most acetic acid products purchased by Altiras are used “as-is”, but when products cannot be used as-is, we can recycle acetic acid products through our relationship with Chemaris Acetyls. The combination of our acetic acid product distribution network and our relationship with Chemaris Acetyls allows Alitras to be the acetic acid buyer that provides maximum value in achieving both sustainability and strategic sourcing goals. Products can be shipped by truck or rail or in intermediate bulk containers (IBCs).

Altiras Chemicals manages products with careful concern for product stewardship. Our product stewardship program covers many areas that standardized 3rd party programs miss, including RCRA compliance analysis and an assessment of minor constituent ultimate disposition. For more information please call us at 713-568-3651 or email us.