Altiras Seeks Opportunities to Invest Capital for Beneficial Use Projects in Puerto Rico

Altiras has identified Puerto Rico as a key, strategic market for beneficial use projects.  On this basis, Altiras is actively seeking new opportunities for beneficial use capital projects in Puerto Rico.  Potential opportunities must be a good fit for Altiras in accordance with the following criteria:

  • The opportunity should involve solvent or intermediate recycling, recovery, and/or processing
  • The supplier or partner company must have a good reputation with demonstrated stability on the island, and solid, positive relationships with the local community and PR government.
  • The supplier or partner company must be willing to commit to longer term contracts
  • The market for the finished products should be resilient and stable
  • The economics must justify the capital investment with reasonable Internal Rate of Return
  • The RCRA pathway must fit for Altiras and the supplier or partner company
  • The supplier or partner company culture must be a fit with the Altiras management team.

Altiras has significant knowledge, experience and relationships from recent work in Puerto Rico.  When this is combined with our extensive RCRA knowledge and our business and project development expertise, the Altiras approach to beneficial use is unprecedented in the industry.

If you have interests in partnering with Altiras in the USA, US territories, or in Latin America for beneficial use or recycling of chemicals or fuels, please email us or call us at 713-568-3651.