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Information for Chemical Buyers

Altiras Chemicals distributes alternative chemicals saving our customers up to 80%. Our prime-chemical alternatives can often meet your product and process needs. They just cost a lot less.

Prime Chemical Replacement Opportunities

  • Direct replacement for prime raw materials
  • Products with wider specifications than normal prime chemicals
  • pH adjustment chemicals for waste water
  • High-water products that can be used in blends that normally add water
  • Solvents for cleaning or mobilizing mixtures
  • Fillers and extenders

We help you identify opportunities for savings by matching your chemical performance needs with available alternative chemicals.

We manage all aspects of distribution to assure quality and service satisfaction. Our quality process includes third-party certification and qualification of the product sustainability of products so you have alternatives you can count on. Altiras maintains a strict product stewardship program.

Contact us to find specific products that to meet your needs.

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