Alkyl Pyridine

Alkyl Pyridine
  • CAS: 68391-11-7
  • Formula: C13H16ClN
  • Synonyms: PAP-220, Pyridinebases, alkylpyridines,mixed, Pyridine,alkylderivs., Alkyl Pyridine Mixture, polyalkylatedpyridines, Suggested Industries

Altiras Chemicals is an alkyl pyridine supplier. Alkyl pyridines are derivatives of pyridine that include an ethyl group and can also include a methyl group at some location along the base ring structure. The major use of alkyl pyridine is as a corrosion inhibitor for oil and gas wells and pipelines. Corrosion of metal parts in oil wells, gas wells, pipelines, storage tanks, and many other types of equipment can cause severe damage, create significant safety risks, and possibly lead to environmental damage due to part or equipment failure. Corrosion inhibitors can help reduce cost, improve safety, and protect the environment. Minor uses of alkyl pyridine are as a corrosion inhibitor in industrial cleaning and de-scaling products for closed water heat transfer systems, and as a formulant (non-active ingredient) in agricultural herbicides. It can also be used as an incidental additive in the cleaning of food contact surfaces.

Altiras regularly has surplus alkyl pyridine available. To see a listing of surplus alkyl pyridine click here.

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