Ethanol CDA 12A, Ethyl Alcohol, Supplier, Distributor, CAS 64-17-5

Ethanol CDA 12A, CAS 64-17-5

Altiras is an Ethanol CDA 12A supplier. We are also a distributor of multiple other CDA (Completely Denatured Alcohol) products and most SDA (Specially Denatured Alcohol) products. CDA 12A Ethanol is the most common grade of ethanol used in the process of extracting crude CBD oil from plant matter. CDA 12A is made from pure and dry ethanol and has approximately 4.5 percent by weight n-heptane. a colorless liquid that can be used for cleaning computer parts and hydroponic equipment. Ethanol CDA 12A is frequently used as a final wash when making BHO and CO2 extractions. As a solvent, ethanol is also used in culinary extracts, tinctures and essential oils. Ethanol can also be used as a food additive for enhancing the flavor of food extracts.


CDA 12A ethanol can be used as a solvent in plastics, including cellulose and non-cellulose plastics. It is also used in resins, adhesives, inks, dyes, chemical intermediates, and binders. Further, CDA 12A can be used in processing vitamins, hormones, and yeasts, in the manufacture of antibiotics and vaccines and other medicinal chemicals Processing dyes, intermediates, for perfumes and fragrance chemicals, fixatives, rosin and many other chemicals. Finally, CDA 12A can be used to sterilize plastics and packaging materials. This product is not intended for use as a direct ingredient for drug manufacturing nor directly as a medical device disinfectant. Appropriate use of this product is the responsibility of the user.

Ethanol CDA 12A (Prod 00000) – As an Ethanol CDA 12A supplier, Altiras has product on hand for quick, easy delivery.

Altiras regularly has surplus Ethanol CDA 12A available. To see a listing of surplus Ethanol CDA 12A click here.

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