Altiras is a Supplier of Glacial Acetic Acid and Discount Alternatives to Glacial Acetic Acid

We offer discount acetic acid by truck, rail, tote, or drum.

Discount Acetic Acid Options

Altiras is a distributor offering glacial acetic acid and several discount alternatives to glacial acetic acid. These alternative acetic acid products are available in 3 tiers of product quality:

  1. Premium– these products are suitable to replace glacial acetic acid in almost any use, but are lower cost than glacial acetic acid. They contain few contaminants, low moisture, excellent color and clarity, and an odor typical of glacial acetic acid.
  2. Reagents for reactions– these products are suitable for use as feedstocks for manufacturing acetates/esters and amides, where the modest impurities either do not impact finished product quality or where they are easily removed in the process. These products are substantially discounted from glacial acetic acid prices.
  3. Neutralization products – these acetic acid products are ideal for neutralization and pH adjustment when a weak acid is preferred. Prices for these products are considerably lower than glacial acetic acid and are often comparable to the cost of hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid based on neutralizing capacity.

No other distributor offers the variety of discount acetic acid products that Altiras offers. These products are available in rail, tank-truck or tote quantities. Click here for more information on these products.

Altiras Offers Low Cost Acetic Acid Products