FAQ: How does Altiras handle product stewardship?

Altiras leads the beneficial reuse industry with its product stewardship program.  Effective product stewardship involves minimizing negative impacts of health, safety, environmental and social implications of a product, while maximizing the intended benefits of the product.  It is critical to ensure that risks of various chemical and fuel products are clearly identified and communicated to anyone who might come into contact with those materials. Altiras works hard to ensure that all parties it works with receive the required resources for safe material handling including safety data sheets (“SDS”). Often, no SDS exists when Altiras begins to work with the supplier of a coproduct, byproduct or used chemical.   Fortunately, Altiras has the capacity to develop its own SDS’s and often helps suppliers to wholly develop or update their SDS.  During initial quality testing as part of Altiras’ QA process, the company often identifies chemical species that were previously not known to exist in the product.  When this happens, Altiras notifies suppliers and can assists in updating or developing the SDS.

Coproduct, byproduct, and used chemicals often have trace constituents that are not normally found in prime chemicals.  For this reason, it is critical to understand how each constituent will flow through the intended use of the product.  Some constituent can end up in in the ultimate product or in aqueous or organic wastes produced by subsequent process. Therefore, a careful review is necessary to ensure proper product stewardship.

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