FAQ: What types of products does Altiras Fuels buy?

Altiras Fuels buys secondary fuels.  Secondary fuels are any fuel products that do not fully meet prime fuel specifications.  In other words, they are offspec materials and may be refining coproducts or byproducts, or could include surplus fuels or products that may have become offspec due to moisture, solids accumulation, or accidental mixing.  The list below is not comprehensive, but should provide an idea of the types of products purchased by Altiras Fuels.

  • Light and middle distillates
  • Gasoline and gasoline blending stocks
  • Naphtha
  • Jet Fuel
  • Diesel
  • Trans Mix
  • Heating Oil
  • Petroleum Fuel Oil
  • Vacuum Gas Oil
  • Slop Oil
  • Line flush
  • Slurry Oil
  • Carbon Black Oil
  • Refinery Fuel Oil
  • Pipeline Condensate
  • Fuel mixtures and accidental blends

For more information on this topic or other issues associated with the beneficial use or recycling of chemicals or fuels, please email us or call us at 713-568-3651.