Altiras is a Hand Sanitizer Recycling Company that Can Recycle Your Stinky or Non-Compliant Hand Sanitizer

Altiras is a hand sanitizer recycling company. In the early days of the COVID-19 Pandemic, many companies rushed to manufacture hand sanitizers that, well… they never should have made. Many of these products have foul odors, because they used ethanol that was intended for bio-fuels. While this practice was permitted by the FDA, the FDA originally provided little guidance on the use of such products. Later, on June 1, 2020, the FDA provided specific, albeit non-mandatory, guidance for ethanol to be used in hand sanitizers. In that guidance, the FDA allows for ethanol containing higher methanol, acetaldehyde, and acetal to be used, so long as the requirements of Table 1 of the document are met.

At that point in time, many manufacturers realized that their products did not meet the non-mandatory guidance, thus pulled the products. Companies who purchased those products also found themselves in a quandary. Still others simply decided not to use the products made because of the foul odor (although most products meeting the June 1 FDA guidance should have a lower odor due to the minimal amount of other constituent).

The good news is that Altiras is a hand sanitizer recycling company that can recycle your smelly or non-compliant hand sanitizer. We can recycle products in bulk trucks, in totes, drums or even products that are completely packaged into consumer packaging. We offer a complete solution, including logistics coordination and will provide a certificate of recycling for all hand sanitizer that we handle.

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