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Propionic Acid, CAS 79-09-4, and Discount Alternatives

Bulk or Packaged Propionic Acid

Altiras is a Propionic Acid supplier and distributor of alternative propionic acid products. We offer propionic acid in Food Grade, Feed Grade, Instustrial Grade, and alternative products. We also offer propionic anhydride. Some of the alternative products are very close to prime propionic acid. The potential uses of the alternative products include manufacture of organic and inorganic propionates, amide manufacturing, and neutralization of alkaline liquids when a weak acid is preferred. Propionic acid can also be used for food and animal feed production, and has even been used for disinfecting purposes. Altiras also provides propionic acid recycling services.

Discount Propionic Acid

Propionic Acid

FCC Grade Propionic Acid (Prod 10079) – Altiras Chemicals distributes Propionic Acid for food, flavors, and fragrance use as well as for general industrial chemical manufacturing use. The product can be shipped bulk or be packaged for specific needs. This product is very competitively priced.

Propionic Acid Alternatives

Altiras Chemicals is a discount Propionic Acid supplier, providing low cost alternatives to prime propionic. These alternatives are coproducts and byproducts from chemical manufacturing processes. These product can be used as raw materials for manufacturing of many of the same products prime propionic acid can be used to make, including amides, esters, and inorganic propionates. These alternative propionic acid products be shipped bulk or be packaged for specific needs and are offered at substantial discounts to normal propionic acid products.

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