Propionic Anhydride

  • CAS: 123-62-6
  • Formula: C₃H₆O₂
  • Synonyms: Methylacetic Anhydride, Propanoic Anhydride, Propionic Acid Anhydride, Propionic Anhydride, Propionyl Oxide

Altiras is a propionic anhydride supplier. Propionic anhydride is a versatile reagent for propionation reactions and has an advantage over propionic acid of not producing water as a byproduct in such reactions. Our propionic anhydride product is REACH registered for the European Market, and can be provided as HALAL and KOSHER certified. The product is also FSSC and is ISO-22000 Certified. Like propionic acid, propionic anhydride can also be effective for disinfection purposes.

Propionic Anhydride Supply Chain Disintermediation

Altiras can offer propionic acid recycling services at very competitive prices. Altiras always prices propionic anhydride supply and propionic acid byproduct purchase as independent options, thereby enabling customers to disintermediate their propionic anhydride/acid supply chain. Whether you need an propionic anhydride supplier or an propionic acid byproduct buyer, Altiras can offer either service without a requirement for the other.

Alternative Propionic Anhydride Products

Altiras periodically offers propionic anhydride byproducts that do not meet prime specifications.

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