Commercialization Research

Still hoping someone will find a way to user your manufacturing left-overs? If it hasn’t happened yet, perhaps your material cannot be effectively used as-is. Altiras Labs provides commercialization research to find solutions for difficult residuals through cutting edge chemical process research combined with some of the most comprehensive and relevant domain knowledge in this space.

Stage 1: Product Viability Assessment

Our process begins with a thorough consultation, where we delve into the intricacies of your co-product or by-product. This initial stage sets a solid foundation upon which subsequent evaluations will be built. By the end of this stage, we provide you with a roadmap outlining the potential pathways for converting your waste into a valuable product. The Stage 1 evaluation includes:

  • Analysis of Physical & Chemical Properties – We analyze its chemical makeup, physical properties.
  • Product Stewardship Review – review and assessment of the product vs SDS, feedback on SDS, review of environmental implications and identification of challenges and pitfalls for commercialization.
  • Regulatory Assessment – defining the current regulatory classification and pathway for legitimate processing/recovery/improvement/reuse.
  • Process Evaluation – reviewing the chemical and physical processes required to achieve a marketable product
  • Market Evaluation – identification of key market use options and requirements.

Stage 2: Laboratory Process Research

Building upon the insights gained in Stage 1, we produce viable samples in the lab, we develop draft specifications for the product, and we even present samples and specifications to potential users of the finished product for evaluation and feedback. Our team explores various chemical and physical processing pathways to extract maximum value from your co-product and delineate the process steps.

Stage 3: Process Development

In Stage 3, our focus shifts to process engineering, optimization, and economic modeling for large-scale implementation. We develop comprehensive process flow diagrams, define operating conditions, and outline equipment requirements necessary for commercialization. Our expertise ensures a seamless transition from lab-scale experimentation to industrial-scale production.

Stage 4: Capital Project Development/Commercialization

Altiras Labs collaborates with Chemaris Investments to facilitate the commercialization of viable projects. With expertise in funding, commercial development, engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC), Chemaris Investments provides the necessary support for bringing your project to fruition. Throughout this stage, Altiras Labs offers continued guidance and support to ensure successful market entry.

Altiras Labs is your trusted partner in advancing sustainability objectives through commercialization research. By unlocking the full potential of your chemical manufacturing left-overs. We drive economic value while making a major, positive impact on the environment. Altiras Labs can help you realize value from these materials and usher in a new era of sustainable industrial practices.