Leadership Team

Todd Pencarinha, Founder & CEO

Todd Pencarinha currently provides strategic direction and leadership for the Altiras businesses, and spends much of his time developing new businesses for Altiras for the advancement of Altiras’ beneficial reuse industry leadership around the world.  His current focus is on green chemistry projects for both Altiras Chemicals and Altiras Fuels, working to advance true sustainability in the application of various recovery, reuse and green chemistry technologies for these projects.

Mr. Pencarinha has been in the chemical industry for 30 years including experience with large chemical producers such as Exxon, Equistar and Lyondell.  Prior to Altiras, he successfully created and operated a chemical trading business focused on used, off-spec, and co-product chemicals. Mr. Pencarinha earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from The Ohio State University and his Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Texas.

Marlon Williams, President of Altiras Fuels

Marlon Williams currently leads Altiras Fuels, providing business and market leadership in maximizing value from off-spec and secondary petroleum products such as mixed fuels, diesel, gasoline, and crude oil, as well as developing international markets for specific refining products such as naphtha, diesel blend stocks, petcoke, and many other petroleum products that Altiras Fuels distributes.

Marlon has over 25 years of experience in petroleum product trading and distribution, as well as considerable depth of experience in the beneficial use, recycling, and waste disposal of various chemicals, industrial and hazardous waste, and petroleum product residues. Prior to Altiras, he successfully created and operated his own petroleum product trading business and prior to that worked as a fuels trader and also as a specialist in beneficial reuse. Marlon earned his Bachelor’s Degree from Angelo State University.

Dan Hickman, President of Altiras Chemicals

Dan Hickman heads Altiras Chemicals and provides leadership, strategic direction and oversight to an international chemical distribution business. Dan worked his way through the ranks at Altiras managing virtually any role necessary, including sales, marketing, product management, logistics and operations management, product management, and supply chain for Altiras Chemicals.

Prior to Altiras, Mr. Hickman held several sales leadership positions in asset management and information technology firms including Gartner Group and IBM.  Mr. Hickman earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from The Ohio State University.

Christina Shutt, Controller

Christina Shutt serves as controller for the Altiras companies and leads in all finance and accounting activities, establishes controllership requirements, manages credit facilities and credit relationships with all customers and vendors. Christina holds a B.S. in Accounting from the University of Houston at Clear Lake.

Her prior experience includes serving as an auditor for Price Waterhouse Coopers, as a lead accountant at Halliburton, as well as voluntary service to clean books and improve accounting standards for churches and small non-profit organizations.