Beneficial Reuse Examples

Let Altiras find a beneficial reuse solution for you.

EPA specifically defines beneficial reuse and provides examples. Altiras has developed beneficial reuse solutions for industrial manufacturers for many years. The following are a handful of examples of the beneficial reuse of materials that were once wasted and were converted to beneficial reuse products.

  • O-Dichlorobenzene w/ Toluene Diisocyanate (“TDI”) – beneficial use of the product as raw material in another isocyanate process
  • Used Sulfuric acid – beneficial use of acid in the manufacture of ferrous sulfate
  • Flush Polyether Polyol – beneficial reuse in the manufacture of foam padding
  • Co-product Methanol – beneficial use in making biodiesel
  • Coproduct Isopropanol – beneficial reuse in the production of isopropylamine
  • Off-spec Polyphosphoric acid – beneficial use as asphalt enhancer
  • Acetic Acid Coproduct – beneficial reuse in making propyl acetates
  • Acetic/Propionic Acid Mix– beneficial use in the manufacture of grinding aid
  • Cyclohexanone Light Ends – beneficial reuse as a paint solvent
  • Wet Ethanol – beneficial use in the manufacture of proprietary derivatives
  • Diethylene Glycol/Triethylene Glycol Mix – beneficial reuse in making proprietary drilling fluids
  • Propyl Alcohol Mix – beneficial use to make lacquer thinner
  • Linear Alpha Olefins Coproduct – beneficial use in the production of oil-based drilling fluid
  • Spent Caustic – beneficial use for neutralization of low pH waste stream
  • Wet Toluene – beneficial use in extracting heavy organics from sludge
  • Nitrile coproduct – beneficial use as a reagent to make ketone
  • n-methyl-2-pyrrolidone – recycled via distillation & dehydration and beneficial use in place of prime
  • Used Ethylene Glycol – recycled via distillation and beneficial use in place of prime
  • Waste Alcohol Mix – beneficial use in paint thinner blend
  • Glycerin coproduct – beneficial use for animal feed and wastewater denitrification
  • Vinyl Acetate Coproduct – beneficial use to make carpet fiber
  • Off-spec n-methyl-2-pyrrolidone (“NMP”)– beneficial use in place of prime NMP
  • Out-of-date Aircraft Deicer – beneficial use to make antifreeze
  • Wet denatured ethanol – beneficial use in place of prime SDA ethanol
  • paraffin wax coproduct – beneficial use for candle manufacturing
  • Wiped Film Evaporator Bottoms – beneficial use as cutter stock
  • Heavy Ketone Oligomers mix – beneficial use for cutting heavy fuel oil