Organic Acid Recycling

Formic Acid Recycling

Altiras can beneficially reuse formic acid “as-is”, depending on composition, color, water, and other impurities. When use as-is is not possible, we can potentially recycle consistent, sustainable volumes of formic acid.

Acetic Acid Recycling

Altiras can often reuse acetic acid products “as-is”. However, in some cases, whether due to high color or other impurities, recycling may be a better option for consistent, sustainable volumes of acetic acid.

Propionic Acid Recycling

Altiras can reuse propionic acid (aka propanoic acid) “as-is” in many situations, but we can also recycle consistent, sustainable volumes, depending on the details.

Recycling of various organic acids is done through Altiras Chemicals relationship with Chemaris Acetyls.