Altiras is a Buyer of Off Spec and Wet Fuels

Altiras Fuels is a buyer of bulk quantities of off spec and surplus fuel oil and petroleum products. We utilize existing markets, and continually develop new markets to create alternatives for fuel oil producers seeking improved economic value while minimizing risks.

Our team is an aggressive buyer of petroleum derivatives including off spec, bottoms and other non-conforming materials. Altiras Fuels manages logistic complexities and analysis of source products. We buy a wide range of products in large and small quantities.

Off Spec Fuel and Surplus Products

  • Off-spec Distillates
  • Off-spec Naphtha
  • Off-spec Jet Fuel
  • Off-spec Diesel
  • Black Gas
  • Black Diesel
  • Off-spec Heating Oils
  • Off-spec Fuel Oil
  • Off-spec Vacuum Gas Oil
  • Off-spec Gasoline
  • Wet Gasoline
  • Off-spec Gasoline Blending Components
  • Surplus Gasoline
  • Surplus Diesel
  • Natural Gasoline
  • Drip Gas

Off Spec Refined Fuel Products & Derivatives

  • Light and middle distillates
  • Naphtha
  • Jet Fuel
  • Kerosene
  • Diesel
  • Trans Mix
  • Heating Oil
  • Petroleum Fuel Oil
  • Vacuum Gas Oil
  • Slop Oil
  • Line flush
  • Slurry Oil
  • Carbon Black Oil
  • Refinery Fuel Oil
  • Gasoline and Components
  • Crude Tank Bottoms
  • Petroleum tank Bottoms
  • Fuel Oil Tank Bottoms
  • High Sulfur Fuels
  • High Ash Fuels
  • Low Octane Gasoline
  • Low Cetane Diesel

Unrefined Fuel Products