Welcome to Altiras Fuels, your premier partner in providing sustainable fuel services. At Altiras, we are committed to the fuel industry by offering a range of solutions that cater to your fuel needs. At Altiras Fuels, we believe in forging lasting partnerships with our clients, built on transparency, and sustainability. Contact us today to explore how we can tailor our fuel services to meet your unique demands.

Fuel Storage Tank Services

Altiras Fuels removes petroleum and fuel products from decommissioned above-ground and underground fuel tanks. Our team will plan and execute the process of a seamless transition from tank to transport.

Waste Fuel Recovery

Our Waste Fuel Recovery program is at the forefront of our operations, as we focus on converting waste fuels and other by-products into valuable resources. We reclaim and repurpose various industrial waste fuels.

Bulk Fuel Recycling

Bulk Fuel Recycling is another aspect of our services, as we aim to minimize waste and maximize efficiency in fuel usage. By collecting and reprocessing bulk fuels, we contribute to a circular economy.

Asphalt Recovery

Our Asphalt Recovery initiative ensures that we extract the full potential of used asphalt materials. We regenerate asphalt and incorporate it into new road construction, promoting sustainability while maintaining the highest standards of performance.

Fuel blending

We customize fuel formulations tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you seek enhanced performance, reduced emissions, or cost-effectiveness, our team of experts crafts blends to your needs.

Off-spec crude, Gasoline, Fuel oil

At Altiras Fuels, we offer a solution for the sale of Off-spec Crude, Gasoline, and Fuel Oil. With our industry expertise and commitment to environmental responsibility, we provide a reliable and efficient platform for customers seeking to buy or sell petroleum products that may not meet standard specifications.

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