Secondary Fuel Products

Altiras Fuels stands ready to be your trusted ally in broadening your primary fuel portfolio with our exclusive range of specialized petroleum derivatives. Our expertise lies in adeptly navigating the intricacies of the supply chain, meeting the specifications of your products through analysis of source materials.

With our updated conditions of sale at the helm, we offer an array of secondary fuel options, tailored to meet your requirements. Whether you’re in need of a substantial volume or a smaller batch, we’re equipped to deliver precisely what you need, when you need it.

Refined Products

  • Light and Middle Distillates
  • Jet Fuel
  • Heating Oil
  • Petroleum Fuel Oil
  • Vacuum Gas Oil
  • Slurry Oil
  • Carbon Black Oil
  • Refinery Fuel Oil
  • Tank Bottoms
  • Gasoline and gasoline components

Unrefined Products

  • Natural Gasoline
  • Natural Gas Condensate
  • Other Condensates
  • Crude Slops
  • Crude Tank Bottoms

C5 Oils

C5 oils, also known as naphthenic oils, are lubricating oils derived from crude oil. They offer good low-temperature fluidity, solvency, and thermal stability. Commonly used in industrial lubricants, they provide oxidation resistance and enhance lubricant performance. Specific properties may vary, so refer to manufacturer specifications.

Cutter Stock

Fuel procurement success with Altiras Fuels' premium Cutter Stock. Unmatched quality, seamless integration, and environmental responsibility. Contact us now!


Altiras Fuels is a trusted bulk diesel fuel distributor, providing reliable supply, exceptional quality, and personalized service. With a focus on sustainability and competitive pricing, they offer tailored solutions to meet unique customer needs. Count on Altiras Fuels to fuel your success with their commitment to customer satisfaction and industry-leading expertise. Contact them today to experience the difference.


Altiras Fuels is a trusted distributor of high-quality distillates, providing reliable supply and exceptional quality for various applications. With a customer-centric approach and commitment to environmental responsibility, Altiras Fuels is your partner for success.

Fuel Oil

Altiras Fuels is a trusted bulk fuel oil distributor, providing reliable supply, exceptional quality, and personalized service. With a focus on versatility and environmental responsibility, Altiras Fuels is your partner for success.


Altiras Fuels' Bulk Gasoline: Reliable supply, superior quality, and cost-effective solutions for fleet procurement. Optimize your operations with our fuel expertise and fuel your success.


Fuel your success with Altiras Fuels' premium-grade Naphtha. Our meticulously refined fuel offers unmatched quality, versatility, and efficiency for all your bulk fuel requirements. With a commitment to environmental responsibility and personalized customer solutions, Altiras Fuels is your trusted partner in achieving your business goals. Contact us now to unlock a world of possibilities for your success.

Tank Bottoms

Discover how Altiras Fuels leads the way in sustainable tank bottoms handling and processing. Our innovative solutions recover valuable resources, reduce waste, and offer cutting-edge waste-to-energy options. Partner with us for a greener, more efficient future


Altiras Fuels: Your trusted bulk transmix fuel distributor. Reliable supply, exceptional quality, and personalized service. Choose us to fuel your success