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Current Surplus and Spot Chemicals Available for Sale

Spot Chemicals Available

While Altiras Chemicals focuses on long-term sustainability and ongoing streams, the company always has one-time surplus and off-spec products available. Below is a current list of spot chemical products available. This list is updated weekly. We are also a surplus chemical buyer and distributor.

Product TypeSpec #Internal Product NameStateVolume/yrUnitsPrimary Packaging
Surplus Product10366Nonoxynol-9TX132000poundsBulk truck
Surplus Product10387DiethylenetriamineTX37400poundsTote
Surplus Product10364Ethanol 190 ProofCA66000gallonsTote
Surplus Product10367Ethylene Glycol Monobutyl EtherCA135000poundsBulk truck
Surplus Product10330Alkyl Napthalene Sulfonate, Sodium SaltIL40drumDrum (55 gallon)
Surplus Product10390Hydrogen Peroxide 35%MN160000poundsTote
Surplus Product10312EthanolTX100000gallonsBulk truck
Surplus Product10328Benzene-1,3,5-Tricarboxylic AcidKS114drumDrum (55 gallon)
Expired10329LecithinIA119978poundsDrum (55 gallon)
Surplus Product10406Disinfecting WipesMO3600000unitsBox

Please email or call 713-568-3651 x123 for more information regarding this list of our current surplus chemicals available.

Altiras specializes in chemical distribution and in beneficial reuse and recycling. We distribute many different types of chemical coproducts. For more information on our regular products, please click Here.

The EPA supports recycling and reuse. For more information on our recycling services, please click here.