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Current Surplus and Spot Chemicals Available for Sale

Spot Chemicals Available

While Altiras Chemicals focuses on long-term sustainability and ongoing streams, the company always has one-time surplus and off-spec products available. Below is a current list of spot chemical products available. This list is updated weekly. We are also a surplus chemical buyer and distributor.

Product TypeSpec #Internal Product NameStateVolume/yrUnitsPrimary Packaging
Surplus Product10635Sebacic AcidKY35,274poundsBulk – other
Surplus Product10636Benzenepropanoic Acid, 3,5-bis (1,1-dimethylethyl)NY15,433poundsOther
Surplus Product10626Carbon BlackTX250,000poundsBag
Surplus Product10612Polyester PolyolGA9,000poundsOther
Surplus Product10628Chlorinated RubberTX14,000poundsBulk bag
Surplus Product10627Hydrocarbon WaxTX260,000poundsBulk bag
Surplus Product10598PolyglycolTX38,760poundsTote
Off-spec10597Methanol 99%IL970,000gallonsOther
Surplus Product10629Alkyd ResinTX40,000poundsTote
Recovered6257IPA and 2-Pyrrolidone SolventSC180,000poundsBulk truck
Blended10531Polyol MixtureTX3,000,000poundsBulk truck
Surplus Product10648DiethanolamineTX30,000gallonsBulk Truck
Surplus Product10636Benzenepropanoic Acid, 3,5-bis(1,1-dimethylethyl)-NY15,433poundsOther
Off-spec10645Polyalkylene Glycol Monobutyl EtherWV63,600poundsBulk Truck
Surplus Product10657Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid (EDTA)FL41,800poundsBag
Surplus Product10649Ammonium Polyacryloyl Dimethyl TaurateMA70,000kilogramsBag
Off-spec10642Polyethylene GlycolWV85,226poundsBulk Rail
Surplus Product10653Polypropylene GlycolTX17,200poundsTote
Surplus Product10660Propylene GlycolNJ37,875poundsTote
Off-spec10644Polyalkylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether, UCON PAGWV47,100poundsBulk truck
Off-spec10643Allyl Alcohol based PAG with NaOH catalyst, PolyalWV168,400poundsBulk Rail
Surplus Product10656Hand SanitizerTX294,000poundsBulk Rail

Please email or call 713-568-3651 x123 for more information regarding this list of our current surplus chemicals available.

Altiras specializes in chemical distribution and in beneficial reuse and recycling. We distribute many different types of chemical coproducts. For more information on our regular products, please click Here.

The EPA supports recycling and reuse. For more information on our recycling services, please click here.