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Current Surplus and Spot Chemicals Available for Sale

Spot Chemicals Available

While Altiras Chemicals focuses on long-term sustainability and ongoing streams, the company always has one-time surplus and off-spec products available. Below is a current list of spot chemical products available. This list is updated weekly. We are also a surplus chemical buyer and distributor.

Surplus Product10305Ethanol (USP, 190, 40B)WI41250gallonsTote
Surplus Product10304Hand Sanitizer (USP, 70% Ethanol)WI79750gallonsDrum (55 gallon)
Off-spec Product10286Off-spec Hand SanitizerKY1.00E+07gallonsBulk truck
Co-product10301Acetic Acid  99%TX45000poundsTote
Off-spec Product10295Aerosol® SPA-55 Surfactanttbd51230kilogramsOther
Off-spec Product10280MethanolLA34500gallonsOther
Surplus Product10270Bleach (Liquid Chlorine)TX4416gallonsOther
Surplus Product10242Hand Sanitizer – 80% EthanolLA120000gallonsOther
Co-product10303Acetic Acid  99%TX45000poundsTote
Off-spec Product10290Aerosol® MA-80 I OS Surfactanttbd44560poundsOther
Surplus Product10274Phosphoric Acid 35%, Electronics GradeAZ990gallonsDrum (55 gallon)
Off-spec Product10306Diesel, off-specGA50000gallonsBulk rail
Off-spec Product10307E85 GasolineTN14000gallonsOther
Surplus Product10233Friction Reducer Flojet DRP 2340AL36000poundsBag (bulk)
Surplus Product10237Trimethylamine (99.7%)AR22000poundsBulk truck
Off-spec Product10300OilWY18000BarrelBarrel
Off-spec Product10293Aerosol® MA-80 SurfactantTX50000kilogramsOther
Off-spec Product10265Amine SolventTX20000gallonsBulk truck
Off-spec Product10272Ethylbenzene (96.4%)MS33500gallonsOther
Off-spec Product10254Acetic AcidTX19000poundsOther
Surplus Product10310Hand Sanitizer DisposalMN500000poundsBox
Off-spec Product10291Aerosol® 22 Special Surfactanttbd15500poundsOther
Surplus Product10312EthanolTX1.00E+07gallonsBulk truck
Off-spec Product10294Aerosol® MA-80 Surfactanttbd5000kilogramsOther
Surplus Product10296Zirconium TetrachlorideTX600kilogramsDrum (55 gallon)

Please email or call 713-568-3651 x123 for more information regarding this list of our current surplus chemicals available.

Altiras specializes in chemical distribution and in beneficial reuse and recycling. We distribute many different types of chemical coproducts. For more information on our regular products, please click Here.

The EPA supports recycling and reuse. For more information on our recycling services, please click here.