Health, Safety & Environmental Policy

Safety Mission Statement

At Altiras, we hold a commitment to carrying out every work activity with a strong emphasis on safety and a goal of incident-free operations. Our dedication to safety is rooted in a sense of responsibility, akin to the care we would extend to our own families. Safety stands as a fundamental Core Value that takes precedence in every facet of our organization, contributing to the delivery of projects with the highest level of craftsmanship.

In essence, safety is not just a procedural requirement; it is an integral part of our identity at Altiras. By fostering a culture where safety is a collective responsibility, we aim to create an environment where each team member actively contributes to the well-being of the entire organization. This approach ensures that every project is executed with a heartfelt focus on the safety and security of everyone involved.

General Policy

Altiras is committed to providing and maintaining an incident and injury free workplace. It is our policy to maintain safe and healthy working environments in every location of a company representative. Altiras will promote the health and safety of our employees, subcontractors, customers and all others in proximity to our projects. In addition, Altiras will protect, respect and enhance the communities and surrounding environments in which we work.

Altiras will embrace and utilize the following principles to guide our commitment to Health, Safety and Environmental excellence:

  • We believe Team Members can be safeguarded against workplace hazards.
  • Safety Leadership is everyone’s responsibility.
  • Field Leadership has a responsibility to train employees to perform work safely.
  • Corporate Leadership has the responsibility of creating a transparent culture of safety.
  • ALL Team Members have a moral obligation to prevent injuries and incidents.
  • Our Safety Culture mandates safe work, and every team member is encouraged to utilize their STOP WORK AUTHORITY.