Altiras Products

The following is an abbreviated list of the prime/virgin products distributed by Altiras Chemicals. Besides these products, Altiras also provides thousands of alternative chemicals. Our objective is to lead product distribution of these products in our local and regional markets. Besides these products, Altiras Chemicals offers thousands of alternative products qualifying as wide spec products.

Acetic Acid

Cas #: 64-19-7 | Prime & Alternative

Altiras sells Glacial Acetic Acid and multiple alternative acetic acid products for industrial use and some available for food, flavor, and fragrance use.

Acetic Anhydride

Cas #: 108-24-7 | Prime

Acetic anhydride is available in FCC Grade for food, flavor, fragrance and industrial use.

Alkyl Pyridine

Cas #: 68391-11-7 | Prime

For industrial and oilfield use.

Butylene Glycol

Cas #: 107-88-0 | Prime

Green Chemistry derived 1,3 butylene glycol for industrial use.

Choline Chloride Liquid

Cas #: 67-41-1 | Prime

For industrial and oilfield use.


Cas #: 64-17-5 | Prime & Alternative

USP grade in both 200 and 190 proof and can be denatured to any SDA or sold as undenatured. Multiple other alternative, industrial use only ethanol products.


Cas #: 56-81-5 | Prime & Alternative

USP grade, technical grade, and crude products are available.

For consumer use.

Isopropyl Alcohol

Cas #: 67-63-0 | Prime & Alternative

USP grade and multiple products and alternative specifications for industrial use.

Liquid Potassium Acetate

Cas #: 127-08-2 | Prime

Liquid Sodium Acetate

Cas #: 127-09-3 | Prime


Cas #: 67-56-1 | Prime & Alternative

Prime industrial grade and alternative products.

For industrial use.

Polyethylene Glycol

Cas #: 25322-68-3 | Prime & Alternative

Potassium Hydroxide

Cas #: 1310-58-3 | Prime

Propionic Acid

Cas #: 79-09-4 | Prime

Propionic Anhydride

Cas #: 123-62-6 | Prime

Propionic Anhydride is FCC grade or for industrial use.

Sodium Hydroxide / Caustic Soda, 50%, 25%

Cas #: 1310-73-2 | Prime & Alternative

Diaphragm and membrane grade products at 50%, 25%, and alternative products also available.

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