Acetic Anhydride Supplier, Distributor, CAS 108-24-7

Acetic Anhydride

Acetic Anhydride is available in drums, IBCs or bulk truck

Altiras is an acetic anhydride supplier. Acetic anhydride is a versatile reagent for acetylation reactions and has an advantage over acetic acid of not producing water as a byproduct in such reactions. Our acetic anhydride product is REACH registered for the European Market, and can be provided as HALAL and KOSHER certified. The product is also FSSC and is ISO-22000 Certified.

acetic anhydride

Acetic Anhydride Supply Chain Disintermediation

Through our relationship with Chemaris Acetyls, Altiras can offer acetic acid recycling services at very competitive prices. Altiras always prices acetic anhydride supply and acetic acid byproduct purchase as independent options, thereby enabling customers to disintermediate their acetic anhydride/acid supply chain. Whether you need an acetic anhydride supplier or an acetic acid byproduct buyer, Altiras can offer either service without a requirement for the other.

Product Specifications

Acetic Anhydride (Prod 10157) – This FCC grade product is available in bulk isotank or packaged in drum or Intermediate bulk Containers (IBCs). It is made in facilities that comply with world class standards required for food ingredient manufacturing under FSSC-22000. The product is available as Kosher and Halal. This product is currently used to manufacture pharmaceutical products, food flavor and fragrance products and for many industrial processes. For more information regarding acetic anhydride or acid reuse or recycling please email us or call us at 713-568-3651.

Alternative Acetic Anhydride Products

Altiras periodically offers acetic anhydride byproducts that do not meet prime specifications. For more information regarding broad specification acetic anhydride products or acid reuse or recycling please email us or call us at 713-568-3651.

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