Ethanol & Ethyl Alcohol Reuse and Recycling Services

Altiras beneficially reuses many chemicals, including Ethanol. The EPA and TTB govern ethanol recycling. Users can often reuse ethanol “as-is”, without processing.

Generally, if the ethanol product has low color and purity of over 90%, we can likely reuse the product as-is. However, when products have lower purity and higher color, or an odor that is inconsistent with typical ethanol, we can offer recycling as an option. We can return the recovered product to the producer or buy the ethanol, process it, and sell it to our customer base.

The table below summarizes the characteristics of ethanol products suitable to be recycled or reused.

Ethanol Concentration, wt%>90%>50%
Color, Pt-Co<30>30
Water, wt%0-10%0-30%
Components lighter than ethanol, wt%<2%<10%
Components heavier than ethanol, wt%<2%<30%
Annual Volume, lbs>500,000>2,000,000
Packagingbulk rail, truck, totebulk rail, truck, tote

Please note that we strongly prefer to handle full, bulk truckload, or rail tank car quantities for recycling. We only consider tote quantities for consistent products.