Chemical, Solvent Reuse / Recovery / Recycling Services

Prime and Alternative Chemical Distribution, Reuse and Recycling

Altiras is a distributor and supplier in the chemical market, known for Chemical Beneficial Reuse Solutions. We create distribution channels for sustainable alternative chemicals, reducing waste and ensuring economic value with low risk. Altiras Chemicals is a leader in managing alternative chemical products and also provides chemical recycling services. Our classification of alternative chemicals into quality levels assists customers in adopting cost-effective and eco-friendly options, backed by our specialized technical support.

We Sell Chemicals in Bulk

Altiras Chemicals is a leading supplier specializing in the bulk distribution of prime and secondary chemicals, offering a range of quality products for various industrial needs. Need specific concentrations? Altiras can help!

We Purchase Chemicals in Bulk

Altiras Chemicals doesn’t just sell chemicals in large amounts, we buy chemicals in bulk as well. Is your product expired, co-products, surplus, and/or mixtures? Let’s talk and discuss how Altiras Chemicals can help you!

Chemical Recyling

Altiras Chemicals offers a range of services tailored for the chemical industry, providing specialized support and solutions to meet various needs.