Beneficial Reuse & Recycling Services

Real, effective, beneficial reuse solutions


The Altiras companies were founded with sustainability as a core value. Our initial founding was for the purpose of the beneficial reuse of chemical and petroleum products.  The Altiras founders and management team have extensive experience in beneficial reuse of chemicals, fuels, petroleum products, and electronics prior to founding the company.  Stated differently, Altiras would not exist without beneficial reuse.

Altiras Chemicals and Altiras Fuels make reuse of chemicals and petroleum products, respectively. Such reuse of materials is “as-is”, without processing or treatment, in order to comply with government regulations. EPA strongly supports beneficial reuse and has developed strategies with various regions.

When to Consider Beneficial Reuse

When products cannot be reused directly, Altiras considers the viability of chemical recycling or conversion of chemical and petroleum products into more useful products.  These types of projects usually require significant capital investment, which Altiras is willing to make such investment for the right projects.

Effective beneficial reuse requires detailed regulatory knowledge, sound product stewardship, and implementation of quality systems that most competitors simply do not have. Altiras operates under a product stewardship program that is unparalleled in the reuse industry. We also regularly advise suppliers and customers on quality processes to ensure the chemical and petroleum co-products and byproducts are managed under a six sigma type quality system.

Seeking A Beneficial Reuse Company?

Please contact us! We can guide you through the regulatory and market options associated with your materials.