Beneficial Reuse & Recycling Services

What is Beneficial Reuse?

You may have heard the term “Beneficial Reuse” and how it applies in the context of Chemicals & Petroleum/Fuels. Beneficial Reuse refers to the practice of repurposing or recycling waste materials generated during various processes within your respective industry. Instead of disposing of these byproducts as waste, they are reintegrated into the production cycle or utilized in other applications, thereby minimizing environmental impact and promoting sustainability.

Chemical & Fuel Product Beneficial Reuse

In the realm of fuels and petrochemicals, beneficial reuse often involves reclaiming and repurposing certain waste streams or byproducts to extract valuable components, enhance energy efficiency, or create alternative products. This approach not only contributes to resource conservation but also aligns with the industry’s efforts to adopt more eco-friendly practices and reduce overall waste generation.

Sustainability has been a core value of Altiras since its founding. We initially centered our operations around the beneficial reuse of chemical and petroleum products. The founders and management team of Altiras had extensive experience in the beneficial reuse of chemicals, fuels, and petroleum products before founding the company.  Altiras would not exist without beneficial reuse.

When to Consider Beneficial Reuse

When considering Beneficial Reuse, we at Altiras carefully evaluate the possibility of chemical recycling or transforming chemical and petroleum products into more valuable alternatives, especially when direct product reuse is not feasible. It’s important to mention that these types of projects often require a significant capital investment. However, we are open to making such investments, provided they align with our criteria.

Successful beneficial reuse necessitates a deep understanding of regulations, strong product stewardship, and the implementation of quality systems – aspects that set Altiras apart from many competitors. We take pride in operating under a product stewardship program that is unmatched in the reuse industry. Additionally, we offer valuable guidance to both suppliers and customers on quality processes, ensuring the effective management of chemical and petroleum co-products and byproducts within a robust quality system similar to Six Sigma.

Seeking A Beneficial Reuse Company?

Please contact us! We can guide you through the regulatory and market options associated with your materials.