Chemical Recycling & Reuse Services

Altiras offers recycling services for solvents, non-FDA-compliant hand sanitizer, ethanol, acetic acid, other organic acids, and other chemical and petroleum products.  Recycling can be mobile, on-site, or off-site.  For all recycling services, Altiras has experts who can evaluate the opportunity, provide specific regulatory guidance, provide technical guidance, analyze and process samples in our laboratory, and make specific recommendations to meet your needs.

Mobile Recycling

Mobile Recycling involves bringing a mobile recycling unit to your site to perform recycling on-site. Truck-mounted units deploy solely when recycling is necessary. Mobile Recycling offers an effective solution for low to medium boiling point chemicals, solvents, or other materials that a single-stage still or “pot-still” can recover to adequate quality. This is especially possible when volumes range from 50,000 to 200,000 gallons/year. Paint and printing solvents often fit this model. Altiras provides all properly trained personnel and equipment to perform Mobile Recycling services at highly competitive rates.

On-Site Chemical Recycling

On-Site Chemical Recycling involves the custom design, construction, and installation of a recycling unit at your facility.  Highly trained, professional operators from Altiras operate the unit and will comply with your site procedures. On-Site Recycling is most effective when the process requires few distinct steps and when the value of the recovered products is near $1 million/year. Paint or printing solvents often fall into this category when the volume exceeds 200,000 gallons/year and when air permitting and fire code requirements allow.

Custom Designed Off-Site Facility

Altiras can custom design, construct, finance, and operate recycling facilities or manufacturing facilities that fully utilize your coproducts, byproducts and used materials. Such a process can take years, but is sometimes the right way to solve long-term sustainability issues. This solution is often ideal when no current viable options exist for reuse or recycling, the economic benefit can be substantially improved, or the equipment has to be highly specialized. In any case, the combination of cost avoidance and potential revenue generation should exceed $2-3 million/year to have a chance at economic viability.

Off-site Chemical Recycling

Altiras can facilitate Off-Site Recycling through specific relationships it has developed with 3rd Party processors. Alternatively, we can perform recycling at a site with operating units that Altiras has designed, built, and constructed for your specific products and needs.

Off-Site Chemical Recycling via 3rd Parties

For Off-Site Recycling at 3rd Party locations, Altiras offers tremendous value by:

  • Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the 3rd Party recyclers and toll processors
  • By coordinating logistics
  • By understanding the regulatory issues as they vary state-to-state
  • By being able to offer an off-take agreement for the recycled product or co-products that generators do not want to reuse themselves.