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Sustainable Chemical & Petroleum Product Supply, Distribution, Research Services

Thank you for choosing Altiras – your go-to source for chemical and petroleum product reuse and recycling, which helps manufacturers reduce waste disposal and promote sustainability. Our company provides high-quality green and sustainable petroleum products in addition to prime chemical products.

As a market leader in beneficial reuse of chemical and petroleum products, Altiras is fully aligned with EPA’s encouragement of sustainability in the industry. We utilize our engineering strength and regulatory know-how to offer innovative and efficient solutions that fulfill industrial and refining customers’ unique needs worldwide.

Altiras’ long-term goal is to maintain and improve our position as the world’s leading provider of sustainable distribution and beneficial use services for prime and alternative chemicals and petroleum products. Achieving such a vision necessitates persistent efforts to develop our people, processes, and unique market-leading technologies.

Altiras Chemicals

Altiras Chemicals is a chemical distribution company. Altiras Chemicals distributes prime and green chemistries, along with chemical reuse solutions. We offer Prime and Alternative Chemicals, which include chemical co-products, byproducts, used chemicals, as well as surplus materials and chemicals that no longer meet prime chemical specifications (off-spec).

Altiras Fuels

A distributor of sustainable petroleum products, including alternatives to traditional refinery products. These products are used cutter stocks, in refining, fuel blending, and asphalt product manufacturing. Altiras Fuels can process a variety fuels and petroleum products. These products increase sustainability and help reduce supply chain costs.

Altiras Labs

At Altiras Labs, we offer numerous services to verify the origin of your product through our Bio-Content Research. We find the value to a co-product/byproduct that once may have been considered waste through our Commercialization Research. Lastly, we offer numerous process & development researches to be an extension of your manufacturing/research division.

Sustainable Solutions for the Chemical & Petroleum Industries

EPA encourages sustainability in industry and Altiras is the market leader in the beneficial reuse of chemical and petroleum products, combining the strength of its engineering and project success with market and regulatory know-how to provide innovative beneficial use solutions for industrial and refining customers throughout the world.

Altiras’ vision is to enhance its global market leadership position in sustainable distribution and beneficial use by providing comprehensive, repeatable, solutions for prime and alternative chemicals and petroleum products. We are accomplishing this vision through the ongoing development of people, processes and technologies unique within our markets.

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