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Sustainable chemical reuse solutions

Who Is Altiras Chemicals?

Altiras is a market leader in the chemical and industrial marketplaces providing Chemical Beneficial Reuse Solutions to chemical and industrial customers throughout the world. The company develops reuse markets for sustainable alternative chemicals. Our team utilizes its chemical and market know-how to develop innovative new markets to effectively distribute alternative chemicals, eliminating waste and delivering improved economic value with minimal risk. Altiras Chemicals is the industry leader in alternative chemical product stewardship. The company also provides chemical recycling services where appropriate.

What are Alternative Chemicals?

Alternative Chemicals (aka “Alt chemicals”) are chemical co-products, by-products, and used chemicals. Also included are surplus chemicals and chemicals that no longer meet prime chemical specifications (“off-spec”). These products can often replace prime chemicals in products and processes. The beneficial reuse of chemicals is a sustainability effort encouraged by the US EPA and reduces waste, lowers cost, increases profit and competitiveness. Altiras grades alternative chemicals into various quality levels to help customer find alternatives to significantly reduce raw material costs and increase sustainability. We also offer technical assistance to ensure customer get the right product for their specific needs.

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