Fuel Blend Stock & Cutter Stock Buyer / Seller

Altiras Fuels

Altiras specializes in repurposing recovered fuels to promote sustainability and reduce waste, offering innovative and environmentally responsible solutions that help businesses meet their sustainability goals while creating value from waste. Altiras is committed to using its expertise and technology to help protect the environment and create a better future for all.

Customized Solutions

Altiras Fuels recovers distressed fuels and restores value to unusable or problematic fuel products using innovative technology and expertise. We aim to reduce waste, provide cost-effective solutions for fuel producers, and help the industry operate sustainably and efficiently.

Fuel Products We Sell

Altiras Fuels provides fuel cutter and blend stock to oil field, asphalt manufacturing, and petroleum refining industries. We offer a range of products such as naphtha, diesel blend stocks, and fuel oil blend stocks. Altiras offers customized solutions with reliable transportation and high-integrity products.

Fuel We Buy

Altiras Fuels buys various petroleum products including wet gasoline, diesel, mixed fuels, and oils. They follow strict protocols for regulatory compliance and respond quickly to customers’ needs. Check out their “current fuel products” page for available cutter and blend stocks.