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Fuel Blend Stock and Cutter Stock Supplier and Distributor

blend stock and cutter stock supplier

Altiras Fuels is a fuel cutter stock and blend stock supplier. We distribute naphtha, diesel blend stocks, fuel oil blend stocks, and alternatives to prime products for fuel blenders, oil field product manufacturing, asphalt manufacturers, tank cleaning companies, and petroleum refiners and re-processors producing a variety of special and custom purpose petroleum products. We can also provide products designed to meet your specific needs.

Our high-integrity solutions include source and product due-diligence, risk identification and mitigation, product handling and transportation you can trust.

For more information regarding the specific types of products we currently need, please view our current fuel products needed page.

Altiras Fuels is a buyer of many kinds of petroleum products, including wet gasoline, surplus and off-spec diesel, mixed fuels, tank bottoms, crude oil residuals, slop oils, used oils, line flush materials and certain distillates and distillation bottoms. Our interest also includes residuals and other problem materials. We follow strict product evaluation protocols and product stewardship processes to ensure regulatory compliance.

As a privately owned and operated company, Altiras Fuels can respond swiftly, decisively and effectively to help you move your products timely, without negative impact on your operations.

For more information regarding the specific cutter and blends stocks we currently have available, please view our current fuel products page.