Sodium Hydroxide / Caustic Soda, 50%, 25%

  • CAS: 1310-73-2
  • Formula: NaOH
  • Synonyms: E524, caustic soda, lye, soda lye, acidity regulator

Altiras Chemicals is a supplier of Liquid Sodium Hydroxide. Customers can buy sodium hydroxide in 25% and 50% concentrations bulk truck.

Altiras supplies high purity, Diaphragm Grade and Membrane Grade liquid sodium hydroxide for use in a variety of industries, including detergents, textiles, paper, mining, water treatment, and others. The product is available in 25% and 50% solutions by weight.

Overall, Altiras is dedicated to providing high-quality liquid sodium hydroxide that is essential for a variety of industries and applications. Our commitment to quality, purity, and customer satisfaction makes it a trusted provider of this important chemical.

Altiras Chemicals is a supplier of sodium hydroxide in in diaphragm and membrane grade and bulk truck, intermediate bulk containers (IBCs), or in drums. We offer this product across the United States and can also provide the product CIF or CFR foreign port destinations. For a full list of the chemical products we offer, please see our chemical product line list here.

Membrane Grade liquid sodium hydroxide is designed for use in membrane cell processes, which are commonly used in the production of chlorine and caustic soda. Like Diaphragm Grade, it is also highly pure, ensuring consistent and reliable results in the end products.

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