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Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer product help prevent the spread of COVID-19

Altiras is a supplier of ethanol based hand sanitizers that don’t stink. This product is available in bulk and in sizes down to 1 gallon bottles.

Historically, hand sanitizers were required to use “USP Grade Ethanol” for health and safety reasons. However, following the outbreak of COVID-19 in the United States, the FDA temporarily permitted use of ethanol based products that did not use USP grade ethanol. Unfortunately, this resulted in the production of many products that stink, are sticky, or worse, contain other hazardous chemicals.

To do our part in helping slow the spread of this virus, Altiras became a supplier of both USP ethanol and non-stinky, non-sticky hand sanitizer. Our ethanol and hand sanitizer products comply with current FDA guidance for hand sanitizers and do not stink, like many of the products on the market that do not use USP grade ethanol.

Our hand sanitizer product is available in bulk quantities or in packaged sizes from 1 gallon up to 320 gallon totes, subject to minimum purchase volumes shown below.

Container SizeMinimum Purchase Volume
320 gallon (2365 lb/ea) tote1 tote
55 gallon (400 lb/ea) drum4 drums
5 gallon (37 lb/ea) pail20 pails
2.5 gallon (18 lb/ea) jug25 jugs
1 gallon (7 lb/ea) bottle48 bottles

Below is the product specification.