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Choline Chloride, CAS 67-48-1

Altiras is a choline chloride supplier. Choline chloride is an organic compound with a formula that has both a quaternary amine salt and an alcohol functional group. The product also contains a choline cation. Altiras offers choline chloride for oil field use and for animal nutrition use.

Choline Chloride

Animal Nutrition

Choline is a constituent of sphingomyelin and lecithin and is a precursor of acetylcholine. It also plays a key role in certain metabolic processes, and studies have linked choline deficiency to fatty liver.  It helps to maintain cell structural integrity and supports cellular communication.  Choline also appears to be involved in the synthesis of phospholipids. The compound occurs in nature and is also manufactured for its value in animal feed and oil exploration and production. In its purified form, choline chloride is a white, water-soluble salt.

Oil Field Use

Choline chloride is a safe, effective, and reasonably priced clay stabilizer. The cation helps to balance the clay cation balance in clay, usually due to sodium. This product can be used to inhibit swelling of shale in drilling fluids, workover fluids, and completion fluids, to limit or prevent shale from expansion and hydration, resulting in well stability.

Choline Chloride offers many advantages over other clay stabilizers (such as KCL):

  • Choline chloride is biodegradable and reduces chlorides
  • Superior performance at much lower usage levels
  • Compatibility with salt solutions, such as brine and calcium chloride
  • Compatibility with known fracturing fluids, cross-linkers, and breakers
  • Reduces chemical handling for pre-mixing and salt water disposal
  • Flexibility for use in all environments

Altiras maintains a regular inventory of choline chloride. The product is available in bulk truck, intermediate bulk containers, and in drums.