Altiras Assists in Cleanup of Hazardous Chemical from Derailed Train


A freight train carrying tank cars filled with ethanol derailed in Minnesota. When a derailment of hazardous chemicals occur, emergency responders arrive at the scene and assess health, safety, and environmental risks to develop an appropriate action plan. During this time, it is critical to keep all untrained personnel away from the derailment area for their protection. Once the immediate risks are mitigated, the owners of the products involved in the incident must make decisions regarding the disposition of their product. In this case, there were no injuries, and the resulting fires were quickly extinguished. Altiras helped resolve the following challenges:

  • Recover product from damaged railcars in remote locations.
  • Minimize quality risks/problems.
  • Avoid Hazardous waste disposal and the burdensome process associated with it.
  • Achieve fast resolution to undesired problems.


Altiras Chemicals assisted with the removal and recovery of spilled ethanol from a train derailment.

  • We worked with environmental specialists to safely clear the site and develop a plan to manage the ethanol without classifying it as hazardous waste.
  • Provided important documentation to justify the legitimacy of the recycling process.
  • Coordinated all transportation and associated paperwork.


Altiras Chemicals successfully removed hazardous material from the site while prioritizing safety and environmental responsibility. Our management and coordination of the process allowed for safe, fast, and efficient removal of the material and ensured the material’s safe and legal removal. Our solution also allowed the owner to minimize any further cost and to obtain fair value for the product. Altiras helps clients prioritize safety, avoid disposal, and minimize environmental impact by providing sustainable solutions for off-specification and contaminated chemicals and petroleum products.

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