Altiras Designs, Builds Acetic Acid Recycling Plant


Chemical reactions produce significant amounts of acetic acid co-product on a daily basis. Ideally, these co-products would have existing markets that allow their use as-is. Certain factors such as color, water, organics, and other reasons can render some streams of acetic acid unusable as-is.

Manufacturers who cannot find a market to reuse their acetic acid co-products do not recover the value and have to pay for and operate the disposal process.

Altiras designed and built an acetic acid recycling plant to solve this issue.


To address these issues, the Altiras Team:

  • Built a detailed business model and business case for a new plant to produce glacial acetic acid from various co-product acetic acid streams
  • Identified and secured the best location for the new plant – in Cresson, Texas
  • Created a new company called Chemaris Investments to raise capital for the new plant
  • Created a new company called Chemaris Acetyls as the operating entity
  • Completed the process engineering in-house
  • Managed the full Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) efforts to build the plant
  • Developed the processes and procedures for the new plant
  • Managed the successful startup
  • Supported the plant with all technical aspects, troubleshooting, problem solving, improvements
  • Ensured product quality, processing efficiency, as well as new product development


The new plant has opened the industrial-grade glacial acetic acid market as a new option for co-products that are not candidates for use as-is. This accomplished the original objectives of achieving greater value and stability for our co-product suppliers. The plant has since added derivative products of potassium acetate and sodium acetate.

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Key Benefits


Altiras’ extensive experience in reuse, RCRA regulations, product stewardship, and relevant product markets produce the best results.

Problem Solving

Altiras develops solutions and determines the best markets and uses for coproducts and byproducts.

Low/No Risk

Altiras solutions include evaluation of RCRA, product safety, Hazcom, and product stewardship considerations.


Altiras makes maximum reuse of materials and provides net value back to its suppliers and clients.

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