Altiras Saves Client $100K With EPA Clarification


During the Covid 19 pandemic, there was such high demand for hand sanitizer that the FDA allowed many companies to help by making their own hand sanitizers, so long as they met certain interim guidelines. Flash forward to the end of the pandemic and excess hand sanitizer is everywhere and uncertainty abounds on how to properly get rid of the product. The original owner abandoned truckloads of hand sanitizer, leaving our customer burdened with excess inventory. Additionally, the local EPA office informed the customer that recycling the product was not possible and mandated its disposal as hazardous waste.

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At Altiras Chemicals, we possess a profound understanding of RCRA regulations, especially those pertaining to reuse and recycling. We took the initiative to propose product recycling and committed to providing the necessary written clarification to the EPA. Upon receiving the customer’s agreement, we promptly sent a clarification letter to the EPA. This letter cited the relevant background of the product and similar cases, as well as the expected regulatory treatment. It is worth noting that we undertook this endeavor independently of the client’s involvement.


Altiras Chemicals received written confirmation back from EPA affirming the regulatory treatment and acceptability of recycling. Compared with the alternative of hazardous waste disposal, the work by our team saved the customer over $100,000!

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Key Benefits


Altiras’ extensive experience in reuse, RCRA regulations, product stewardship, and relevant product markets produce the best results.

Problem Solving

Altiras develops solutions and determines the best markets and uses for coproducts and byproducts.

Low/No Risk

Altiras solutions include evaluation of RCRA, product safety, Hazcom, and product stewardship considerations.


Altiras makes maximum reuse of materials and provides net value back to its suppliers

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