Complete Solution for All Co-products at New Plant


A chemical manufacturer created a novel process and built a new plant to manufacture a commodity chemical from plant derived materials. While the process was much more efficient than the traditional manufacturing process, the new process produced 6 separate co-product streams that would have to be disposed of if a reuse solution could not be found. The co-products were all mixtures that included several chemical constituents and 35 percent water overall and were not re-usable as produced. The manufacturer, who was originally combining all the co-products into a single stream, reached out to Altiras Chemicals for help.


The Altiras Team evaluated the co-products as follows:

  • Evaluated the combined co-product stream, including historic analytical, samples, and assessed usability in our known markets to determine the combined stream was not usable as-is in the combined form with 35% water.
  • Assessed the details of the manufacturing process to evaluate the individual streams as produced.
  • Requested and received samples of each stream for evaluation.
  • Performed laboratory analysis and processing on the 6 streams to determine the best overall options.
  • Made preliminary assessment of the viability of the 6 individual streams, concluding that 4 of the 6 streams could be used as-is, without further processing. The other 2 streams could be processed to yield viable products.


The Altiras Chemicals team made a proposal to the manufacturer to purchase the 4 streams and to process and recover the 2 remaining streams either on-site or at an off-site location. The solution minimizes waste, significantly enhances value, and significantly improves ESG scores and carbon footprint for the manufacturer.

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Key Benefits


Altiras’ extensive experience in reuse, RCRA regulations, product stewardship, and relevant product markets produce the best results.

Problem Solving

Altiras develops solutions and determines the best markets and uses for coproducts and byproducts.

Low/No Risk

Altiras solutions include evaluation of RCRA, product safety, Hazcom, and product stewardship considerations.


Altiras makes maximum reuse of materials and provides net value back to its suppliers and clients.

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