Altiras Chemicals Offers Alternatives to Glacial Acetic Acid

Low Cost Acetic Acid Options

Altiras Chemicals offers several different options to replace glacial acetic acid and reduce operating costs. These products are offered in 3 tiers of quality as follows:

  1. Premium alternatives – these products are very close to glacial acetic acid quality and can generally be used for most applications that call for glacial acetic acid. These acetic acid alternatives generally differ from glacial acetic acid only in moisture or acetic anhydride content and the acetic anhydride is readily convertible to acetic acid with water addition, if desired. All of these premium alternatives still come at a substantial discount to normal glacial acetic acid prices.
  2. Reagent alternatives – these products are usually 98-99.5% effective acetic acid content and behave very similar to glacial acetic acid when used as raw materials for making organic esters and amides, or when making inorganic acetates.
  3. Neutralization products – these products are generally greater than 93% effective acetic acid content and are excellent for waste or wastewater neutralization or pH adjustment. These products are often comparable in price to inorganic acids when compared based on neutralizing capacity and are much less harsh than strong acids such as nitric acid, sulfuric acid, or hydrochloric acid.

For more information on Altiras acetic acid products, please email us or view our product details and specifications here.

Altiras offers Low Cost Acetic Acid for Industrial Use