Altiras Offers Hazardous Waste Recycling Services

Altiras offers a number of hazardous waste recycling services, but before discussing those, let me clear up some confusion.

Many people have interest in understanding the rules for recycling hazardous waste, yet those who have tried know that it can be a rigorous process.   Unfortunately, the EPA definition of “recycling” does not correspond to the definition used by many professionals.  According to title 40 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), materials are recycled when a) reclaimed [40 CFR 261.2(c)], b) used as ingredients for industrial processes to make a product [40 CFR 261.2(e)(1)(i)], c)  used as effective substitutes for commercial products [40 CFR 261.2(e)(1)(ii)], or d) returned to the original process from which they came [40 CFR 261.2(e)(1)(ii)].

If you are confused, you are in good company.  The reality is that there are many ways to legitimately recycle materials based on Federal rules.  Remember, you must also comply with state rules, which vary regarding the legitimate recycling of hazardous waste.  The best, and generally the most valuable way to recycle hazardous waste is for the waste to be used as it is produced in place of another commercial product or as an ingredient in an industrial process.  In these cases, the hazardous waste recycling can be done under EPA exclusions, thus a RCRA Part B permit (or alternative such as a “verified recycling facility”) is not required.  However, if the hazardous waste cannot be used as it is produced, and must first be processed or reclaimed, then the process may be a bit more complicated.

In any case, Altiras Chemicals can guide hazardous waste generators through the regulatory process and can provide legitimate hazardous waste recycling services to meet your specific needs. 

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