Tank Bottoms Recycling: Altiras Fuels

After the completion of pumping off the liquid contents of a crude oil storage tank, traditional methods involve washing the tank with diesel fuel or cutter-stock to eliminate any residual materials. However, a significant challenge arises with the remaining crude bottom solids, classified as “hazardous” K-waste by EPA regulations. Addressing this challenge requires innovative solutions that prioritize waste minimization and environmentally responsible practices.

Our Role

Altiras Fuels emerges as a pivotal player in the realm of crude oil storage tank maintenance, offering specialized services tailored to handle the residual material known as tank bottoms. By focusing on waste minimization and sustainable disposal practices, Altiras Fuels transforms the landscape of tank maintenance, providing efficient and environmentally sound solutions.

Common Practices

Conventional practices in large oil refineries with coker units often involve blending bottom liquids into their coker-feed within closed-loop systems. While this approach can be effective, it presents challenges in managing the quality of coker feedstocks due to the large volumes of co-products involved. Altiras Fuels offers an alternative solution to this dilemma, providing industry-proven methods for the removal of heavy oil-bearing material from tanks.

Altiras Fuels Solution

Altiras Fuels’ process involves adding a cutter-stock to the tank bottoms, circulating the material to liquefy any solids present. This innovative approach enables the efficient removal of residual materials from tanks, mitigating environmental risks and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

Environmental Compliance and Waste Minimization

Altiras Fuels aligns closely with the recommendations of environmental agencies by facilitating waste minimization directly at the source—the tank of origin. By offering efficient solutions for handling heavy co-product residues, Altiras Fuels plays a crucial role in ensuring compliance with stringent EPA regulations and promoting sustainable waste management practices.

Recycling as a Viable Option

Once the material leaves the closed-loop system of the tank of origin, it is classified as hazardous waste, subject to strict EPA regulations regarding treatment and disposal. Recycling emerges as one of the most viable options for facilities seeking sustainable waste management practices. Altiras Fuels specializes in facilitating recycling, often by utilizing the material as a fuel source, thereby contributing to environmental conservation efforts.

Altiras Fuels stands at the forefront of innovation in crude oil storage tank maintenance, offering specialized services that redefine industry standards. Through a focus on waste minimization, environmental compliance, and sustainable practices, Altiras Fuels remains committed to driving positive change in the field of waste management.

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