FAQ: Does Altiras Provide Recycling Services?

Yes. The Altiras companies are beneficial reuse companies and often, the materials we accept can be used “as-is” in place of other chemicals or raw materials. This “as-is” reuse is the primary focus of Altrias Chemicals and Altiras Fuels. Sometimes, such direct reuse of a material is not possible and materials must be processed, converted, or recycled before they can be beneficially used. Altiras offers mobile, off-site and on-site recycling solutions for solvents, chemicals, plastics and a variety of other materials. These solutions are customized for each situation, depending on the volumes, composition, and the specifications required by the reuse market. The reuse markets for these products may the generator or the material or an independent 3rd party. For more information on Altiras recycling options, please email us.