FAQ: If I want to recycle hazardous chemicals off-site, do they have to go to a RCRA Part B permitted facility?

No.  Under 40 CFR 261.4(a)(24) hazardous secondary materials may be reclaimed off-site at facilities that do not posses a RCRA Part B permit, so long as certain criteria are met.  For example, the reclamation can be done “under the control of the generator” or to a “verified reclamation center”.  These exclusions have been enacted by EPA in order to tighten control over certain facilities that previously recycled hazardous secondary materials at non-RCRA Part B facilities invoking other prior rulings under “immediate processing” exemptions.  Under the current rules, EPA requires any facility that recycles hazardous secondary materials, such as most solvents, to comply with keeping certain records and maintaining financial criteria to ensure the site does not end up as an abandoned or Superfund site.

Altiras offers recycling of various hazardous materials, including alcohols, solvents, organic acids and hand sanitizer. For more information related to on-site or off-site recycling of chemicals and solvents, please email us.