Do You Really Want a Hand Sanitizer Disposal Company?

Altiras can recycle drums, totes, bulk truckloads, or even small bottles of hand sanitizer.

Hand Sanitizer Recycling is Better than Disposal.

Following the outbreak of COVID-19, the US FDA allowed for the use of lower quality ethanol that was not USP quality. This allowed for the production of hand sanitizer products that had problems with odor, stickiness, end even excess methanol, benzene, acetaldehydes, or other unsafe impurities. These unsafe products should not be used as hand sanitizers. Unfortunately, many people in possession of these products believe they need a hand sanitizer disposal company. However, waste disposal is not the only option. DISPOSAL OF ALCOHOL BASED HAND SANITIZERS REQUIRES HAZARDOUS WASTE REGISTRATION, HAZARDOUS WASTE LABELING, MANIFESTING, AND WASTE REPORTING TO THE STATE AND FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.

Recycling is the sustainable, green option and is frequently more cost effective than waste disposal. RECYCLING OF HAND SANITIZERS DOES NOT REQUIRE REGISTERING THE HAND SANITIZER AS A HAZARDOUS WASTE or complying with hazardous waste disposal reporting requirements. Hopefully it is now obvious that a hand sanitizer recycling company is better than disposal.

Altiras specializes in the reuse and recycling of many different products, including ethanol and isopropyl alcohol based hand sanitizers.

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