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Current Products Available

Prime and discount chemical supplier of solvents, acids, bases, and alcohols

Altiras Chemicals is a chemical supplier of prime products and discount alternatives to prime chemicals. We currently have the following products available. Please email us for pricing, specifications, or for more information:

Prime Chemicals (Full Truckload Only, unless otherwise noted)

Discount Alternative Chemicals (Full Truckload Only, unless otherwise noted)

Acetic Acid Products

Altiras is a supplier of glacial acetic acid as well as discount acetic acid alternatives in various grades. Our glacial acetic acid is from a sustainable, green supplier. All acetic acid products are available by rail in tankcar quantities or by bulk truck. Our alternative acetic acid products are available in 3 tiers of product quality:

  1. Premium – these products are suitable to replace glacial acetic acid in most uses, but are lower cost than glacial acetic acid.
  2. Reagents for reactions – these products are suitable for use as feedstocks for manufacturing acetates/esters and amides, where the modest impurities either do not impact finished product quality or where they are easily removed in the process. These products are substantially discounted from glacial acetic acid prices.
  3. Neutralization products – these acetic acid products are ideal for neutralization and pH adjustment when a weak acid is preferred. Prices for these products are comparable to the cost of prime inorganic acids based on neutralizing capacity.

Click here for more information on Altiras acetic acid products.

Inorganic Acids

Altiras sells a variety of inorganic acids that are often great replacements for prime acids. We offer the following inorganic acid products.

  • Sulfuric Acid – products range from 70% to 98%
  • Hydrochloric Acid – products range from 15% to 36%
  • Phosphoric Acid – products range from 70% to 80%


Altiras offers various alcohols as alternatives to prime industrial alcohols. Click the links below for more information.

  1. Isopropanol – Altiras offers various grades of isopropanol from 50% up to 90%. Most of these products are wet with color varying from near water white to high color materials.
  2. t-butanol– Altiras offers various grades of t-butanol from 70% up to 99%. Most of these products are wet with very low color.

Mixed Solvents

Altiras is a supplier of various discount chemical solvent mixtures that can be used as effective replacements for various prime solvents. These products are categorized into 3 groups:

  1. Direct Replacement of Prime Solvent blends – these products generally include the same primary constituents as the prime solvent they are replacing, but also contain other solvents that are not normally present in the prime material. Successful use of these products depends how the other constituents impact the overall effectiveness of the solvent.
  2. Solvent Blend Feedstocks – these are solvents that contain most of the same constituents as common commercial products, but in different proportions. These products can be used as feedstocks to blend solvents to desired specifications. One common example of this type of product is blends containing light alcohols, light aliphatics, light aromatics, and light ketones. This type of product can usually be blended back to a paint thinner or lacquer thinner.
  3. Tank Wash/System Wash/Black Product Solvents – these are solvents that contain key constituents that are effective solvents, but also contain some level of color or other constituents that are less effective than the normal product used. These solvents can be used to clean dark or viscous products from tanks or equipment, or can be used as the solvent for dark colored materials. Examples include products with high acetone or toluene content that could have medium to dark color, but little other impurities. These products are often available for a fraction of the normal price of prime solvents.

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